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September 12, 2010


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Great post. Friends are the bomb! Had a huge discussion about O-H-I-O State uni. With some house guests, (house homo's?) It was funny to hear misinformation and outright fabrications about the place. Thought of you and missed your writing. Have a great day.

Whup-Ass Master

Howdy JWBcubed! What's going on?? Feeling a tad melancholy about ol' OSU. We turned down an opportunity to enter their PhD program due to money issues. We'd be starting the program as we speak. Ugh. So how's the big easy? We need to visit. We've never been to mardi gras. Just a hint.



"Homosteaders"! ha! I love it. Mark sounds like such a fun guy. Judging from that monologue, he reminds me of a friend of mine.

Whup-Ass Master

@ Leeuna: Indeed, MMM is a great dude :-)



WAM. Amusing post overall, I liked the Mark Mouth story.
But I am a little troubled by the reference to 9/11 as the "Republican Christmas".
There are a helluva lot of "Republicans" in this country (by some accounts nearly half!) and implying they view 9/11 as a cause for celebration seems more than a tad unfair. That's akin to saying 9/11 is the Muslim Christmas or the Democrats are all communists.

Whup-Ass Master

@winksi: and here we thought you were going to use your comment on this post to assert your 2nd amendment rights. Okay, fair enough. This space is full o' hyperbole and the odd exaggeration. But did you click on the "Republican Christmas" link? Good ol' Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin charging $225 a pop at their 9/11 remembrance hootenanny for the pleasure of shaking their hand? 9/11 is used by politicians (most of them on the right) to stir up feelings of nationalism and xenophobia. Ground zero as background for photo op. So,'re right. It's not Republican Christmas. It's Republican politician/pundit Christmas. On that point we shan't back down.



Didn't some non-republican oikophobic guy named Michael Moore make a bunch of money with a movie called Farenheit 9/11?

Seems to me plenty of politicians (both Democratic and Republican) have sent home plenty of tax pork $$$ in the name of Homeland Security.

You want to talk about making money off 9/11, look no further than the army of TSA drones who take off my 2 year old daughters shoes, sniff her sippy cup, and give full body cavity searches to 80 year old grannies.

Whup-Ass Master

Oh winksi, you're hilarious. Yes, Michael Moore (the right's favorite bugaboo) made a movie ridiculing dubya and the neocon's reaction to 9/11. Yes, 9/11 was used to pass pork-stuffed legislation on both sides of the aisle. We're talking about the date itself. How many Democrats do you suppose attended a Q'uran burnin' on Saturday? Probably the same as the number of non-caucasian tea partiers (um...zilch, nada, bupkis). No, Winksi...Democrats do not gnaw on the flesh of the 9/11 dead while cash flies out of their ass. We leave that to Palin and Beck and their ilk. Our Republican parents are always sending out GOP "action" emails (and for some reason we're on the list, tho we've begged to be removed). Every 9/11, without fail, comes a mass-mail plea to "fly your flag like a true patriot and don't forget to give money to the RNC." The date is a cash-a-palooza for Republicans, who use it as an opportunity to play the fear/patriot/xenophobe card. Every year. You can set your watch (calendar?) by it. Feel that.



Fuckin' hilarious, from Republican Xmas to 'get me a rope and a kick stool' (I've seen you've conversed with Cubans!).

and a very lovely paean to friends near and far.

love ya!


Hey WAM, None of my Democrat leaning buddies attended a Koran burning, but none of my GOP leaning buddies did either. So what's the point?
The non-caucasian tea partiers? Is that a race card? Queen please, that card's been played more than the YMCA song and it's just as old and tired. I don't doubt there are some intolerant racist type Republicans, but working in Newark I can tell you there is a flip side to that.
Yea, Palin and Beck are making money off 9/11. So is Mike Moore. So are a lot of people.
There's the fear/patriot/xenophobe card and there's also the arrogant/self loathing/oikophobe card.
There are good and bad on both sides.
I've given up trying to decide which side is better. I just go with the crowd that is going to do the best for me and the fam.
Lately (especially in NJ) that seems to revolve around 1 issue....
A five letter word that starts with a T and ends with an S.


I really don't care who makes money of 9/11 anyway. Lots of folks make money off of Jesus's birthday also. It is what it is.


You should come visit AP more often! New stuff popping up all the time.

Whup-Ass Master

@winksi: Listen, we're not going to get into hair-splitting here. "Republican Christmas" isn't even our joke. We've heard it many times before. And like all jokes, good or bad, there's a kernel of truth there. The point is Republicans (at least over the last 30 years), are fond of throwing nationalist frisbees around the room in lieu of talking hard policy. Fear and bumper-sticker patriotism are the calling cards. We won't back down from that one.

P.S. Did you say "queen, please"?

@CG: Gracias, chica

@catymogo: It must be said that Asbury Park (post-nuke coney island vibe aside) is really rather groovy. It has true mojo. And the boardwalk is lovely.


Ah yes, to the Republican's every day is the 4th of July.
To the Democrats every day is April 15th...
(Ronald Reagan)


I love your fuckin' posts man. You and your crazy ass writing . ALL HEIL 9/11


i don't know , ground zero still looks like crap, they should have built something and get things over with


Awesome! Man, I have missed this blog. Mark sounds like he is one amazing person. Can I borrow him the next time I take a trip through Chicago's south side? Anyway, I'm voting with my feet and leaving now. Until next time!

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