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March 27, 2010


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WAM, IMHO this is one of your greatest posts. I gotta make three points.
1) I have heard working at the SEC was a "spank job". I thought that was just a figure of speech, I didn't know it was literally true. It explains a lot.
2) Truckers don't use wack off machines. They use "lot lizards".
3) Shaving the bikini zone while driving? Probably a meth head. This goes to show you why you can't be too careful on the freeway. Attentive drivers kill more people every year than accidents with firearms by far. Driving the highways of USA is probably the most statistically dangerous activity in America. Sooo many idiots behind 2000 lbs of 75 mph metal coming right at ya.

Whup-Ass Master

@winksi: welcome back. three responses to your three points:
1) word has it one of the bigwigs at the SEC was big-time into tranny porn.
2) if truckers had SOMs, the lot lizards would soon be out of work.
3) only you could find a way to make this post an argument for guns.



WAM, my god you just keep getting funnier (and this coming from someone who fell into an open manhole here in Havana - apparently, I'm still learning to walk and talk at the same time). I so agree with you:

Yes: masturbation should never be delegated

Yes: that was one nasty roommate.

And oh yes, Florida, poor Florida.

I guffawed so un-becomingly at this post I scared my husband's hair small feat. thanks for that! keep pen to paper my friend (or fingertips to keyboard as the case may be)!


I'm pretty much the same as Tetris girl.

It's the only thing which distracts me at work.

That and hardcore pornography, of course.

Paul Smith

Merci beaucoup.

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