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February 14, 2010


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Thank you SO much for the CL comment!

A girl can't look to buy an old wardrobe
w/o being inundated with NSA husbands
offering me the pleasure of being picked
up in a dark area of a Boston suburb,
providing oral sex while he denegrates
me and, oc, the obligatoury spanking.

Wow, traumatic memories on Valentine's
Day, how right it that? --He was the
pedophile prison saint, no?


Whup-Ass Master

@lb: in our humble ope, CL should be exhibit A in the case for gay marriage. opposite-only marriage forces so many sad souls into doomed unions, no? in that regard, marriage equality supports all forms of marriage. feel dat.



I would use it as exhibit(ionist?) A1.a for no marriage. Contractual obligations regarding money, children, shared high-priced items, utlitities; even sex - The law is a creative process and contracts
are only limited by the creativity and breadth of nobel people who

I hope we both find justice (;


Whup-Ass Master

@lbz: yes, that is the endgame, isn't it? government should get out of the shady religious rite racket altogether, shouldn't it? There should be no civil "marriage" for anyone, but unions (color blind, gender blind, etc) and all the tax breaks they entail, should be entirely neutral. Leave the bouquet tossing to the churches, lord knows they need a distraction from all the altar boy buggering.


Paul Smith

Merci beaucoup.

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