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January 16, 2010


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WAM, You are a total riot! I always look forward to your next post. Bwahahah at the term Horiental and BLB! I am cracking (clacking) up here!!! BTW, you speak Chinese quite fluently.

Whup-Ass Master

Howdy Leuna and thanks! Always grad to hear I clacked someone up!



you are vely, vely bad Mr Humposexual


So much to include and NO DRUGS...i'm running on my own brain power alone so there may be fewer speling errors but less meaning. Be warned.

1. Google (like Nestlë) lost all its "Don't Be Evil" -and all other
cred the day it turned over names to the Chinese authorities. Last day
of owning precious google stock. Sad day, but you NEVER name the names,
despite the wit and wisdumb of Perez Hilton. Or Paris Hilton for that
matter, no matter how popular her vayaya is in Googlyland.

2. zomg, i thought you meant Sr. Prejean, the woman who in real life
makes people want to support the death penalty just to shut her the
f00k up. (That's not hatin on nuns, i was taught by some of the -you
may submit your arguments to the MFIC, International, finest. It's
just Prejean is an idiot who does as much to oppose the death penalty
as to justify, after all, isn't that following in the 'life of Christ'?

It's ok, i (yet) have google access and figured it all out.

3. WAM, before you buy a dress-up kit to look like the Dalai Lama, you
might want to take a look at a 34985493 hour video: John Safran vs. G-d.
Some info:

Seems Buddist do not only inhabit the lizard/irrational part of my
brain as conspiratours to convert every Jew (read: nebish) whom they
have confussed with Israelis (read: "Hold my galil while i pee") to
assist in the take back of Tibet. Logic being Jews love to be forced
into battle and their karma sux anyway. Better they should come back
a Palestinian than the Dalai Lama or anyone who will soon be.

78. Ginourmous countries like Central America, Texas and China are
great economic fodder. If brand can be built there, you only have a
few billion people to sell product-X (keep it high ROI/low margin)
a version: rich 1 time upscale; poor 3 times cheapo (The poor always
pay more).

5. In the near future, i see these countries, dividing up along
ethnic/cultural, even religious (they're so cute!) lines and ceeding
from their enourmous overlord.nation-state.corporations.

Consider Russia as a true Eastern Europe, a collection of small
similar states with some commonalities but as many differences. The
same with India and China (may be the only thing that saves us from
their world domination). Africa is there, but has made such a
terrilble mess of it, they deserve a do-over.

I vision the the same ultimate future for Canada and .us. Like local
to global, Michael Pollen, et al. micro is uptrending,

7. Did you know B.D. Wong is gay? (Of course you do, it was in the
newsletter!) He and his partner/husband adopted a baby and wrote a
(serious) book about it. I haven't looked it up on one of the many
and interesting used book outlets i use rather than AMZN because in
my mind these two Asian guys adopt a white, blond/blue baby right
here in the .us proving the tens of thousands of citizens who travel
all over the world -occassionally at insurance expence to BUY a
stolen baby, YES WE CAN DO IT HERE. Nike and Obama are right!

7. We get it, you have a thing for Fiorito, or at least a share of the
.us marketing. Keep knock-knock-knockin at China's door. You Go WAM!



(Why aren't your notifications coming up on my feed these days (FB)?)


@CG Not to belittle your pun, i think its great, but i see WAM as a hopeosexual.

But then again, i also think of him as a sort of lady gaga cum rat on head wanderin nyc: free bitch baby (;

Whup-Ass Master

@ connergo: yes, yes we are a bad humposexual. we might have that tattooed in a naughty place.

@ labu-z: honestly, we tried decifering your first comment. we really did. perhaps we need to shoot heroin first. Or perhaps you should.


Paul Smith

Merci beaucoup.

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