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December 20, 2009


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I know you're only 4 and We are ujm, uh 19 and virgens, however, we are prepared to wait for you Hayden. It can be a DemiAshtonish thing. You can make commercials which make no sense and defeat their own purpose as in the end you are selling yourself (YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT NOW!) rather than branding your name to, you know, a BRAND. We will stay home and change our body image and be friends with ex's until its time to Tweet.

I <3 u


Whup-Ass Master

@lb: while we are mildly alarmed by your Demi/Aston proposal (he's FOUR, bitch!), we do endorse your endorsement for his endorsing. Yes, he must tweet and pose for Abercrombie & Fitch POST HASTE! Although Tweeting under the influence really should be a felony. Right Britney?



We wrote "WAIT", as in save Ourself, while managing a marketing career just made for the turn-around economy....or nuclear holocaust, whichever comes first, we will offer up the poster-child, Isaac, errrr, Hayden!


Bwahaha at "transves-tyke". That word should make it into the dictionary.


I'm with Leeuna: "transves-tyke" is pure genius.

And, you, are right. He deserves his own reality. No need to go to all the trouble to have your kid 'abducted' by a hot air baloon.

Paul Smith

Merci beaucoup.

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