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November 29, 2009


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This rivals the story i use to hear about a jewish girl of modest yet casual means (with the guys) and a donkey, an irrasible prodigy, and a hen pecked sexless male role model. (NO. Not the family Hitler, this is a kids holiday). If i ever go to Africa or Asia to steal babies in my Uggs with return flight to Aruba (Lewis Black, I want you!), i am definately reading them this while i stuff them full of over-fried food. It's everybody's holiday.



Whup-Ass Master

@la-bluz: We need to have our covert band of ninja spies uncover a diary of some palestinian ho of loose virtue who allowed herself to be violated by a dove two thousand years ago. Might make good readin'



Almost choked to death over day 6. My second date was like that, only we ate the bird instead of Manwich. We got married anyway. Thanks for the fun!!!


Day 1 was full of surprises. Your true love is very fond of birds :)

Paul Smith

Merci beaucoup.

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