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October 18, 2009


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"Kidnap me, I'm into butt sex."

- You always were an overachiever! Really, trying to get a head start at the tender age of four!

Kathy Webb

I gotta say it absolutely sucks that when a kid does anything, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that doesn't fit into the normal, be silent because that is being good. Instead of the parents, the gods', of the child, the one or two people that imprinted the child since it's conception. The two people that have reinforced their own, perhaps, in this case, sick and twisted ideas and ideals, spoonfeeding mouthfuls of their own very special crap into the mouths of Johnny, Jane, or Falcon. They are assumed innocent bistanders and the child is assumed guilty!! And then not only do They, but also a special and very large chunk of society, screams BAD BOY (or girl), when the child mimics or does exactly what a dutiful child does. They mimic or obey their parents. We are a sick bunch, a truly sick society. Maybe it is time to stick a moral thermometer in your own butt and take your own moral temp!! Oh wait you, you would probably get off on the act and forget why you were doing it. OMG

Whup-Ass Master

@conner: guilty as charged. officer take us away. are those handcuffs?

@Kathy: that was a cute rant, although we're not exactly certain what you're trying to say. we disagree on a major point; children can misbehave...they can be filthy, nasty, rotten creatures. We deserved a spanking, as does our precious lil' Falcon. I might suggest taking a centrum and fixing a nice hot cup of camomille.


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