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October 01, 2009


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WAM - you have been missed. Best of luck on becoming the poster child of Michael Moore's next film, Capitalism: A Love Story Part II.

As for Ms. Mackenzie Phillips, what I can't believe that Daddy John could not find anyone better looking.

Perhaps the advice the Mayor was given early on in his political was to make sure his briefs were kept short. He just got a little confused as to the briefs they were speaking of.

I'm disappointed that you did not mention the Goddess of Hair Weaves, Ms. Patty LaBelle. She paved the way for all skanky whores everywhere to look fashion fabulous.

Again, welcome back to COWA.


Whup-Ass Master

@Rambo: Thanks, and gird your loins for future posts. We took a brief sabatical, but COWA has only just begun!



" does not pose for pictures in corsets and panty hose like an unholy hybrid of Betty Page and Flip Wilson if one yearns for a gig in the political sphere."

Ya think???

May I just say that your readers - or at least, me - are thrilled you're once again gainfully employed. And that your riveting expose on Ms. Warren reminds uswhy we all love your blog so much.

Welcome back, O Venerable WAM.


Welcome back WAM. This one was well worth waiting for. Thanks for the out-loud laugh today. I needed it.

Whup-Ass Master

Leeuna! Thanks, it's good to be back. Keep watching this space. WAMsters, click on Leeuna's name. She's a gently funny, clever humorist. Worth a read.



Jesus. The things I learn on the Internet.

Whup-Ass Master

@ellie: we're nothing if not educational.



Hilarity at its finest! Glad you have gainful employment! Omaha Steaks anyone? Can't wait for the next post. I'm headed to Cuba!


WAM - thank you thank you thank you for re-emerging. Now we BOTH have press credentials! lets crash some high falutin' fiesta soon!

JWB3 - you and Kool and the Gang! Scheduled to appear before end of the year here in "castro's cuba"

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