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August 18, 2009


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Stephen Wertz

Fabulous story. Brought back many of my own memories about that time in my life.


1. Is the SECKS model using Q'bala lipstick?

2. Was Al Goldstein aware of the potential violation of intellectual (sic) property laws?




OMG - you were normal as a child.

Whup-Ass Master

@wertz: we went to six flags on sunday and rode every damn rollercoaster in the park. That probably explains the trip down memory lane.

@lablu-z: 1) of course, and 2) "screw" goldstein :-)

@jan:'ll blow my cover



An auspicious start to your writing career! When is the next play? I'm ready for a road trip! After all this vacationing I need a vacation!

Whup-Ass Master

@JWBcubed: Alas, we are still working on re-writes of old shit. How was your vacay? Did you have all sorts of fabulous seck's?


Secks is always better than sex... And the "Green Hornet" which my bad ass hunter green Schwinn three speed was affectionately known as could've given you all a run for your money!

Whup-Ass Master

@sightinsights: Your green hornet sounds spectacularly faggy and my silver/gold banana seat superbike would have made you weep with envy.



Had a great time! As to the secks... I've been celibate since the last relationship ended since about 1998. Or so. Who's counting?

Whup-Ass Master

@JWBcubed: You need to get biz-zay! Glad you had fun on the vay-cay. Glad to be homo?



hmm, my reply didn't save xD

the memories i get from this story :p

reminds me of the time i found a porn vid on the closet while being home alone, and just as i was about to press play fate had to intervene, as a towel hanging too close to the heater caught fire, making me run around panicking throwing the towel outside, pouring water over it to then quickly call my parents, take the vid out of the VCR, throw it back up the closet only to never ever see it again xD

yep, the memories... porn makes alot of things get "in heat" it seemed :p



Celibate for more than a decade???? Oh how sad. Get laid already.


I'm jealous. I'm a Navy Brat and moved around up until High School in LousyAnna. I don't remember anyone from my childhood, the color of a bike or any other "tragically quaint" memories. That being said, I would not trade it for anything.

I love reading stories like this though.


Defintely one of your top three post. Maybe the best EVAH.

Jim Hall

I seem to remember tassels on the handlebars of the silver/gold banana seat superbike too.

Jim Hall

Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

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