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August 04, 2009


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Margaret (Nanny Goats)

Poopy face? Pinch a loaf? Al Gore sidekick (as in #2?). Nitty Gritty?
That's a lotta "shitty" references there, pal.

Whup-Ass Master

@margaret: hello goat lady! are we surprised? pretty much every post we write has at least a half dozen scatological references. try to keep up.



Yes! I was watching a news report about Clinton's visit earlier and thinking, "I hope WAM posts about this because his KJI shit is FUN-EEE!"
Amen! You've made my night!

Whup-Ass Master

@mongoliangirl: thanks ellie mae! how goes life down in the holler? having a good summer? we miss your comments...



hmmm, while Bill was meeting with a world leader and negotiating the release of two reporters, Obama was having a beer with a bigot...and a cop.

One has to wonder if Bill offered (threatened) to send Hillary as Kim's "comfort woman" if he didn't release Ling-Lee. And here I thought Ling-Lee was a panda.


Uhmmm...Rambo - Think Obama was having a beer with two bigots.



I didn't know Sotomayor was there too!!!


Ellie May? You realize that just makes me want to f*** my husband in the barn, right?
My summer is going well. Full of flies and horse shit. Full of sweat in places that sweat chould not occur.
And you know I love it, happy holler girl that I am.
Sorry about being lame with comments. I'm just, well, lame like that sometimes.
Hope you're summer is going great, darlin'. xoxo

Whup-Ass Master

@mongoliangirl: we're sure glad you take our jibes in the spirit they're fact, the WAMster is a country boy who has loretta lynn and hank williams on his iPod (among the punk, showtunes and sinatra)

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