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August 24, 2009


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Great Scott!! He blew up like a toad.

Whup-Ass Master

@leeuna: Indeed, he looks like an off-season lesbian shot-putter.



See what happens when you quit meth! Let this be a lesson to you kids... Beter to be a funky junkie than a chunky monkey!

Whup-Ass Master

@siteinsights: OMG you've totally started the meth diet meme!



A few thoughts:

Bespoke tailoring by Abdul the Tentmaker

I dated the real "Little Debbie" in college. Her grandfather started Sunbeam Bakery.

Siteinsights - hysterical

Whup-Ass Master

@rambo: YOU DATED LITTLE DEBBIE?? We admit a shameful lust over those yummy little debbie roll-up creamy chocolate thingies! YOU DATED LITTLE DEBBIE?? Was she little?



WOW! K-Fed looks likes he got pregnant and it backfired! Funny stuff WAM, especially about the Southern Baptists. I was an eight year old in church (Southern Baptist mission in Yokohama JApan) and the Pastor, big as three houses was shouting and pounding on the pulpit and I had this realization: this dude was selling something and I wasn't buying, I haven't bought since then either. Keep 'em coming! I love the blog!

RamboSF's the truth. She is blond too, just like in the wrappers.

And the rest of the story: She went back to her high school loser BF and I was so traumatized that I started to look for "Ding Dongs" as a way to heal my shattered ego and never looked back.


"You've been K-Fed enough."
You, WAM, are my humor master. I fuckin' love you!
Even more, you've added to my scientific understanding of the Southern Baptist. I mean, living in the Buckle O' the Bible Belt makes a girl wonder about all kinds of things.

Odious Twat Rag

K-Fed truly is the poster child for angina.

Whup-Ass Master

@JWBcubed: why are southern baptists so shouty? we doubt jesus screamed the sermon on the mount. BTW we apologize for the infrequency of our posts lately. We've been busy with freelance gigs.

@rambo: and by "ding-dongs" you mean penises?

@mongoliangirl: thanks my dear, WAM loves you back.

@OTR: We love your name. that is all.

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