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June 29, 2009


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1. Love her repeated use of "Sir".

2. Love the term "non-demoniation" idea of non-profit(phet).
[Want to start my own: The Multi-denominational In-time Prophetsy of the Unclean.Unsober.Adultury.Sodomite.Niggerly In-time Prophetsy of labluāˆžz ---get in early before you are priced out! I would be the CEO, Glory!!]

3. 'Want to be the first to mention how "faggity" the gay guy was posing on the floor.

4. Best part: quoting Bobby Brown.

5. The last temptation of the crack pipe is always there, but your blog is more powerful!

Whup-Ass Master

@lablu-z: anyone who actually watches the full 20-minute "exorcism" will want to shove this chronically stupid (and abusive) woman into traffic.


@WAM: Point taken. She is a sick. And the sickest part is she tells everyone how sick she is and they are still asking her questions like she is a regular person and not someone that the State needs to provide long-term and serious medical attention. Muchless give her tax free status to terrorize folks, which is i am sure all of us who have taken PSY101 know, is just an attempt to reclaim her own lost vulnerability. Still it is a safety hazzard to society, like screaming "FIRE" in a cinema or "ICE-CREAM" at Weight Watchers.......My hand to heaven i don't know what made me say that last part except i was possessed by a FAT.DEVIL.



Whup-Ass Master

@lablu-z: Indeed. Sometimes we wonder, when confronted with a creature like Ms. McKinney, why exactly folks listen to them and endow their retarded, illiterate, rantings with some kind of authority. Oh yeah. President Bush. Nevermind.


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