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June 26, 2009


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You're not honestly putting forward the theory that regular peoples' deaths have any meaning are you!? How preposterous!

Can regular old pedophiles cough up 20 million bucks to silence accusations? I think not! He was truly special.

I sure am glad I bought Thriller back in the day and helped contribute to his legal defense fund.

Whup-Ass Master

@RBG: But how do you FEEL about Michael? :-) It's sad that he died. But Neda's death, for instance...THAT'S a tragedy. And although the question is no doubt unpopular, we'll ask it anyway: "wasn't MJ sort of dead already?"


Mike Q

It somehow doesn't surprise me that congress; with all it's moral failings, has allowed a moment of silence for a pedophile but Al Sharpton moonwalking! I thought he was too fat for that. There may be hope for me.
Mike the real plumber.

Whup-Ass Master

@Mike: Atta boy...start with the man in the mirror.



I have a different take on the death of MJ. The top entertainer I listen to on my Ipod is MJ and the Jackson 5. The music is fun and brings back memories from my youth. I mourn the loss of his music, but not the loss of the individual. Like with Farrah, a part of my youth died with Michael Jackson.

First, I think it's tragic that someone as talented as MJ was allowed to morph into the caricature he became. His father whored he and his brothers out for his own benefit and obviously was never the moral compass for him like a father should be. Other children have been successful entertainer and have turned into successful adults, whether in the entertainment industry or out. I'm not sure any of us could stand the test of the microscope on each and ever part of our lives. I watched a documentary on the kids from Annie and it was amazing how these kids were stars one day and has beens the next. There was no regard for their mental stability once they were too old to be orphans. The one constant was that those who had a messed up family life were messed up after Annie.

My take on the charges of pedophilia might catch you by surprise. I am a firm believer in the legal system of this country and while I may not agree with every verdict, I assume that they know more in the court room than we do from TMZ. Money does strange things to people, including making up false charges of inappropriate acts. For someone like MJ, paying a child $20 million to "go away" was worth the money. The second case came out in his favor, so I have to assume that he was innocent.

He was a freak, but I'm not sure that makes him a pedophile.


Great post. It is really too bad that all these famous people had to die all at once and take attention away from the uprising or whatever it can be called in Iran. Seems it has already petered out. I was looking forward to Ahmedinejad getting his comupance.

Whup-Ass Master

@ora: we believe ole Mahmoud may still get what's coming to him. But remember, vile as he is, he's not Iran's dictator. That honor falls on the lovely Ayatollah.


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