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May 18, 2009


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Amazing what some people will do with their unruly "guests"! I've missed ya!

Whup-Ass Master

Howdy cubed...we've been busy with a much needed (tho time-consuming) freelance gig. We shan't ever give up our ass-whuppins, so do not despair.



I notice Ms. Yakeisha is (myspace) friends with Tupac. Perhaps you should take a break from pursuing living celebs and collect dead ones? It's always a larger pool (no pun intended)


Whup-Ass Master

we find it remarkable how tupac seems to have been more productive since someone went all "waffle-waitress" on his ass in las vegas a few years ago.


Mike Waite

I'd sure hate to find out what would happen if one were to ask Miss Yak for some whipped cream......


Yakeisha just couldn't take it anymore, not unlike Peter Finch in "Network."

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