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August 28, 2008


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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?
In Stanley Kramer’s 1967 movie "Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?", a whirlwind romance by an interracial couple forced their families to confront their attitudes about race. The male love interest, and lead was a young NEGRO played by Sydney Portier. Matters were only further complicated by the fact that this was no stereotypical NEGRO. Smart, accomplished, ARTICULATE, polite, and sophisticated.
Well here we are some 40+ years later, and guess who may be coming to dinner?
Yup, another smart, accomplished, ARTICULATE, polite, and sophisticated Negro, accept today they’re called Black.
It seems America is in the midst of filming an updated version of that cinematic classic starring Barack Obama. This time around , however, the love interest is not a "white woman", it’s THE WHITE HOUSE! And just like the parents in 1967, America is being forced to confront it’s racial attitudes (the one’s it supposedly doesn’t have).
You think Tilly had a fit when Sydney Portier’s character wanted to marry the sweet little white girl she had helped raise. Well Tilly honey, will likely piss in her panties when she sees who’s knocking at the front door of the white house.
Guess who’s coming to dinner now Tilly? "Hi, my name is Barack Obama."
- TMNK (google me)

Whup-Ass Master

TMNK: We were annoyed, at first, by your flagrant self-promotion. One visit to your website proves you're worth promoting. Welcome to my blogroll.

PS. Tilly, played by Katherine Hepburn, was quick to accept Sydney Poitier into her home and family. It was the white-haired old coot with one foot in the grave that made such a fuss. Beware of white-haired old coots.


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