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July 08, 2008


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Hey, congratu-f**king-lations, you f*rt-knocking c*ck-pirate! You're one talented little *ss-blaster, and I wish you the g*d-damned best of d*ck-whipping luck! (Love to ya, Sugah!)


Whup-Ass Master

Well thanks, psycho. We're in Columbus now, soaking up our gorgeous surroundings and dining at the trough of its breathtaking cultural scene. COWA will be publishing again on monday!



Please come back. Columbus can't be THAT exciting. (although having one of your plays put on probably is)

Whup-Ass Master

Thank ya kindly JW cubed. We are back, had a great time (oddly enough) and we're rarin' to go. Whup-ass returns tomorrow.


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