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July 21, 2009


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Maybe he's got his own turd brewing somewhere down there.


Shortly after this photo was taken, a boatload of Greenpeace do-gooders came ashore and met a group of enthusiastic PETA representatives and started splashing water on Mr. Bono while rolling him towards the surf. Unfortunately for Mr. Bono, his bright yellow Lance Armstrong rubber band bracelet had gotten caught on his PA and his hands were left immobilized, thus causing him to flop around on the beach and reinforcing the perception that he was the beached apple of Capt. Ahab's eye.


you are in RARE form with this one WAM.

Laughing out loud as usual with gems like:

But Bono. Bono-Bono-Bono. Were we to take a beach stroll and encounter a sperm whale fondling itself, we'd "run-away-run-away," and if it were to "follow" we'd call security and have you tazed.

In the name of love, Mr. Vox, un-hand mini-Bono this instant. Drop the chalupa

You should get paid for writing this shit (NO, I can't hit the tip jar)

And yes, Red Rocks is perhaps the best concert venue ever.


Thanks for the laugh! It was sorely needed.

Whup-Ass Master

@ellie: gross.

@rambo: hilarious.

@flaquita: thanks! we'd happily accept vast amounts of cash to blog; as would everyone else and their mother.

@jwb cubed: dude, aren't you in paradise? buck up! the world is a glorious place!




Paradise has its shortcomings. On to Italy. Maybe things will get better...


Who stole his wrap-around sunglasses?

Whup-Ass Master

@JWB cubed: Have fun in Italy! Eat some pasta, drink some vino! Enjoy life, goddammit!

@david: maybe THAT's what he's digging around for.


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