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May 08, 2009


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Can I vote for "all the above"?


I want to see Cirque produce that show... it would be an opportunity for ladies of the night of a certain age to show that while they may have lost their looks and their dignity, their flexibility remains intact. (That, and they can still do that thing with their tongue for an extra twenty bucks...)


My first thought was "My gawd - what's that on her head??" So glad you cleared that up for us, WAM.

Uh, if I *must* choose one, I raise my hand for #4. Oh, yes indeedy.

Whup-Ass Master

@augusto: no.

@ryan: kudos for translating the french. madge's yoga-tastic pilates bod will ensure her ankles will go behind her ears well into senility.

@jan: yep, as a matter of fact, we bet this is her homage to lautrec.



I have to remember to wear my Depends before reading your blog. I almost wet myself on, "Your recent effort to kidnap yet another lump of Malawian lion lunch..."

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Whup-Ass Master

Why thanks, Rambo...we enjoyed an article on about how madge went baby shopping in the orphanage wearing a $2800 yves st. laurent suit. classy.



I had a thing for Madonna in the 80s. The "Like a Virgin" girl was great eye candy to my teenage self.

Now, though, not only has she completely lost the fashion sense, but she's f***ing scary looking! Sure, I've got the image of her kissing Britney, but it doesn't erase the other, 0.2%-body-fat images.

Whup-Ass Master

Wolf: We have to admit that (although we don't play for the opposing team) we've only ever considered Madge to be mildly pretty. There's much to admire about her though, especially how she proves time and again that a gal can prevail despite her mediocrity.


Mike Waite

OMG This whole blog made me fall off my chair! I too had my love affair with Madge, but lately... NOT SO MUCH... I loved Madonna when she was just the Material Slut! Now the Kaballah practicing Equestrian whipping British Mother who is in a baby race with Angelina Jolee I just don't know about...

Whup-Ass Master

Why Thanks Mr. Waite...welcome to the fold!



I really laugh, and since I'm a sour girl that's difficult, keep posting !

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