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April 28, 2009


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I am in awe of your dad's stoicism as he stood there and, without breaking a sweat, casually filmed his daughter being attacked by a chicken.

Although, when you say it out loud, "being attacked by a chicken" just doesn't seem that intense, you know?

Whup-Ass Master

Indeed, he was definitely having his "truffaut" moment. And being attacked by a chicken is admittedly no big deal. But when it's your sister being attacked, and it's on film? F*cking priceless.



I never understood why Suzanne P. would take those kids out of the safety of the school to try to outrun the birds. I'll bet she saw it differently afterwards. Oh wait, no eyes. She didn't see anything afterwards.

Jeffrey Ellis

A lovely heartwarming story. I'm pretty sure I saw something like this on The Wonder Years once.

Whup-Ass Master

@rambo: indeed, but suzanne pleshette was probably just as sick as we were of hearing those kids sing that ear-raping song.

@JE: Was that the episode in which winnie got mauled by a peacock?


Mike Waite

THAT HAPPENED TO ME.. But I was attacked by a Rooster! I guess I deserve it because I used to hit the Rooster on the head with a long rod of bamboo...(I was 8) One day he got out of his enclosure and strutted up behind me (Im sure)thinking to himself, "Where are you going now Nancy!!.. you're mine now!!" > My Father got it on film....I'm still in therapy

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