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April 15, 2009


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first! :p and got to say, from what i've read the apology seems to be alot more intresting / funny to read than the magazine itself would be :p

(not to mention "esquire" reminds me of a medieval stable boy about to get taken up the rear by his knight master XD, so the magazine should have some more 'visual' aid in it for its readers)

Whup-Ass Master

Howdy Will...there's nothing remotely interesting to be found in any issue of Esquire, ever. Oh, and you're thinking of squires, or knights-in-training. And that remark reveals a lot about your twisted fantasy life :-)



That's why the only Hearst-rag left in my house is Town and Country....useless fluff about really useless people with no concept of a political agenda unless it helps to dodge taxes...

Whup-Ass Master

We are thrilled to admit we've never even cracked a copy of T&C. Just the name of it makes us want to slap a rich person.


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