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November 03, 2008


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OMG - You spilled booze all over Mike Hammer. Lucky, lucky you.

I hope your face is all right. That will teach you to exercise, now won't it?

I am so sick of this election I could puke. Oh, wait - I already have.

Uh, you just BETTER let us know when we can hear what you sound like. I promise not to ridicule you because if you sound retarded.

Play? Would this be a play you are performing in, are directing, or have written? All three, perhaps?


OK. This is great. Here by way of 'Ask' and unable to comment due to hysteria. Thanks & best of luck w/ your review!


Sorry about the road rash. I KNOW how that can tone down one's attractiveness (speaking from experience, no doubt).
Good luck! Break a leg! I'll be twitching in the audience like a finger on the trigger of a gun. (thanks to Bruce) on Friday the 14 th. (and staying at a 2 star hotel for lack of anything else even remotely close to the campus).

Whup-Ass Master

@ Jan: Mike Hammer was three sheets to the wind at the time, which probably worked in our favor. Our face is better but we have scars on our forehead and cheek. We will tell you about the NPR thing, promise. Oh, and if you're curious about our play, check out this site:
and this post:

@ Mongoliangirl: Welcome aboard our crazy train! We hope we get the thumbs up from the "ask" folks. Not counting those chickens before they hatch though.

@JWB cubed: So glad you're coming! We'll be surrounded by an entourage that night (five of us in a group, all homos), but PLEASE come up and say hello!



I'm all about the crazy train and am diggin yours! I have some SERIOUS reading to do to catch up to you crazy mofos. Damn! As we say here in the Missouri Ozarks, "You people are fucked up six ways to Sunday!" And that's just the way I like my peeps.

Jeffrey Ellis

Dude you have been busy indeed. Sorry to hear about the road rash.

Your play looks pretty awesome, too bad I'm not in OH anymore or I'd come see.

Whup-Ass Master

@ mongoliangirl: we're sorry, we don't speak "jive." we suspect, however, that you were giving us a well-earned compliment. so thanks, bitch. keep checking this space, subscribe to the feed, tell your "peeps" about it and keep leaving comments! xox

@ JE: stinker! howz it?? and thanks, man!



I knew I would love it here! Callin' me a bitch and accusing me of speaking jive and all. I'll be back for sure now. Obviously. You'll have to catch up with my 'peeps' over on The Cusp. Seriously, that shit is too fucked up to write about twice. Smackdown whores! Have a great day with the OYG and the OPP and all of that shit.

Whup-Ass Master

Hello mongoliangirl. We checked out your site and found it delightful. Any blog that mentions horse farts and hillbillies has us at "hello." Dear readers, check out this spunky chick's blog. She actually doesn't look at all Mongoloidy (see Palin's retarded baby that she parades about like a first prize trophy in a hog calling contest). In fact, mongoliangirl is something of a dish. Check her site: (link on her name, above).

Cheers, whores!


SKANKS! Pimpin' me out so soon after our first meeting? I fuckin' love you! I don't think I've ever been sent out to work the corner so fast! Thanks...and have a whorish day. Oh, and bitch bettah have my money!


Simon Le Bon will NEVER stop being cute.


Funny stuff!

Trapped in the 80s.

Whup-Ass Master

DowDow: We were in high school and college during the 80s. We have love for that decade. But seriously, Mr. Le Bon has seen better days. Check out "Brief Notes of Friendly Concern."


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