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March 19, 2007


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I am sick and F-ing tried of foregin "celebrities" coming to US and thinking that the laws dont apply to them or show very little respect for US laws (Yes - having money and millions, allow you certain perks). I say Naomi and her cat walk, along with Russell Crow and Mel Gibson should be outsted from the US and sent off to "Bali-wood" in India and smear themselves with all the rupbees they want. Doesn't Naomi know and understand that IF she were a "regular" black US woman, her behavior would be classified as ghetto or "what else could you expect from a black woman". Someone needs to remind Naomi that US already has way to many self entitled Queens.

Whup-Ass Master

Hey bitch...I for one was delighted by the sight of Naomi Campbell reporting for toilet scrubbing duty. Ms. Campbell et al provide limitless material for us humorists who enjoy poking fun at egotistical celebs. However, your comment was a tad racist. Kinda makes me want to throw a phone at you. But bless your guts, Joshua. Thanks for the comment. WAM

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